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One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

One Person's Trash is Another's Treasure 1

I love it when you are driving down the street going about your business and you find this great piece of furniture just sitting on the curb! I have found multiple objects that way and love that they are free grabs! While living in St. Louis, my friend came running into the house so excited about a pile of stuff sitting out just down the street!

So of course we hopped in the SUV and went rummaging. We grabbed this metal table base

Metal Table Base: Before

along with a headboard and an awesome wingback chair. (Stay tuned for those posts!)

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I had always imagined this as a plant stand but didn’t want to keep the base black. So I grabbed some ivory spray paint and went to town. It was a bit hard to cover since there were so many curlicues and I had to go at different angles, but I managed. It did take two cans though. Then I went to Menards to get some boards for the top but I found something even better!

Before, plain pine

A pre-made round pine top! Perfect! I snatched it up and took it home to stain and poly.

For this, I used the same Minwax Dark Walnut stain that I used for my pine boards for my new Ikea table top.

Plant Stand: Stain

I did two coats of the Minwax stain for this so it would be darker. (Just make sure you wait 8 hours after you apply the first coat.) Then I grabbed my handy dandy Polycrylic to seal the finish and screwed the top to the base…and here is the result!

Plant Stand: After

Plant Stand

So if you are like me and love a great thrifty piece always keep your eyes peeled to the curb, you may just find a gem!

 Plant Stand


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