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Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!!

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 1

What a whirlwind these last couple of weeks have been for Vicki and I. Wow. Not only have we been busy getting our stock ready to sell, but we had to put the finishing touches on the building as well, all while taking care of my 11 month old daughter!

Since spring in Minnesota was so cold this year, we had to wait, and wait…and wait to get outside to prime, paint, and mulch the outside of our building! It was quite nerve-wracking and not what we wanted to be doing with 2 weeks left to go, but we did it! Somehow, someway, we always tend to pull it off, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of our families. Everyone was busy this spring, but with the help of my dad, husband, brother and sisters we got down and dirty to finish it all off. Vicki and I are so grateful!

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 2

There were many weekends that were spent working, as well as late nights, but we had such a great turnout for our grand opening that we wouldn’t trade those days for anything.

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 3

The community of Houston turned out to support us and it was great fun to chit chat with people we knew about our dream. There were also quite a few people from out-of-town who came out as well! A couple ladies said our shop was the perfect halfway meeting place for them and they had an enjoyable day shopping our store and eating lunch at Barista’s Coffee House in town.

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 4

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 5

We had free coffee and snacks, as well as free demos for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. We got to share our knowledge and love for this amazing all-natural paint we use on our furniture.

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 6

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 7

There were so many people who commented on the look of our shop. From the custom made antique pulley lights, to the rusted tin on the wall and counter. And the architectural piece on the wall made quite the topic of conversation! And our furniture and handmade home decor items shined! We love the unique – the kind of home decor your not going to find anywhere else! And we feel we have achieved that with our store.

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 8

It will be ever changing from this point forward. We plan on working hard to bring not only our local community fine furniture and unique home decor, but also others who live farther away. We have an Etsy shop that we plan on stocking full as well as our Facebook page where we will be posting first looks for you to nab that unique item before anyone else!

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 9

Thank you again to all those who came out, and for all of the help we have received to make our dream of owning a store come true! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

Our Brick & Mortar Grand Opening!! 10

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