Vicki & Kristen

Timeless Creations, was created by a mother-daughter duo who share the same tastes, inspirations, style and point-of-view. Vicki and Kristen love how their collaboration brings so many ideas to the forefront. They also enjoy mixing antique with new items as well as different styles to blend a space perfectly. So if you love home decor, learning new ways to style a room, or you’re a do-it-yourselfer stick around! We have great furniture makeover tutorials that can walk anyone through a project of their own




Kristen and her husband just moved back to the Minnesota area after living in St. Louis for 4 years. She is enjoying being much closer to her family now. They recently brought home a yellow lab named Kirby and just had a daughter, who both keep them busy! Kristen loves mixing decorating styles, she likes to take antique farmhouse pieces and put them with rustic crates or shabby chic/ornate items. She has been working on remodeling her first home by using very budget friendly methods. See many of our room makeovers over on the blog.


Vicki and her husband have enjoyed living on the family farm for around 20 years now. They were able to design, add on, and remodel the house to make it their home. She has 4 children and two granddaughters. Vicki has always enjoyed refinishing and painting her own furniture and decor and has now turned her hobby into a business. Even though she now has an empty nest, she enjoys spoiling Kirby’s sister Kali who is also a yellow lab. Vicki loves the French style, but also enjoys farmhouse and antique pieces.

How We got Started

We have both been very creative throughout our lives. Vicki used to help her mother refinish furniture out of the need to be frugal when she was young and continued what she learned when she was setting up her own house. When Kristen was young Vicki encouraged her to help redesign her bedroom as she grew older. From choosing paint colors, to draperies and furniture Vicki fostered her love for all things home! We have always loved to create, craft and take something outdated and give it a new lease on life! When the time arose where Kristen was coming back to her hometown after living away we jumped at the opportunity to take our dream of having a furniture and home decor store and making it into a reality!

Decorating is also a passion of ours. French country and farmhouse are our favorite style which we love incorporating into our own homes. We take inspiration from those antique looks and love the curvature and ornate details of those furniture pieces. However, we embrace and love everything antique, shabby chic, and rustic pieces as well.

We hope you stay awhile and find some fun furniture makeovers, tutorials, room makeovers, and decor inspirations. If you have any questions or want to contact us please email us at:

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