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Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 1

Our Furniture Makeover Series with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint continues with this beautiful little blue side table! We have been working and experimenting with this fun new paint for a while now and just became retailers for our store which is opening soon! With this little side table we finally tried our hand at mixing colors! That is always a bit intimidating at first, but it can turn out amazing!

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 2

To begin, this piece was painted in MMSMP “Bergere”, a dusky french-blue color which is a part of their European line of colors. The details (around the top and the decal part) were then painted in “Marzipan”. The paint was finished, but it wasn’t what I originally pictured. Don’t get me wrong – it didn’t look bad, it just wasn’t perfect yet.

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 3

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 4

So I decided to mix the two colors together! I took about 3 parts Marzipan to 1 part Bergere and came up with my own color. And it turned out exactly what I was looking for! I think the Bergere by itself was too dark for my taste in this piece, but by lightening it – it turned out exactly what I pictured!

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 5

I did a quick two coats of this new, lighter blue color over the entire outside of the side table! The top edge and a couple spots chipped absolutely perfectly, all the way down to the dark wood underneath. I decided to take it one step further and distress it a bit which is where you can now see the darker original Bergere and a bit of the Marzipan colors underneath!

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 6

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 7

But wait, we weren’t finished yet! We decided to highlight the original handle with silver gilding and we added a bit of the same silver to the details of the piece. It is now subtly layered to perfection!

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 8

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 9

This pretty little piece was so much fun to completely customize. We are just loving being able to mix colors using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. Every mixture we have done so far has turned out absolutely fabulous! We are so happy to say this Chippy little End table has already found it’s forever home 🙂

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 10

Dreamy Light-Blue Side Table 11

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