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How To: Prep for Painting your Cabinets

painted cabinets

The key to great coverage for painting any of your projects is in the prep. But especially if you are taking up the seemingly daunting task of painting your cabinets. Follow these steps to ensure an easier coat of paint!

Painting Cabinets Prep

-Step 1: Wipe down all outside of cupboards (with water and degreaser = dawn dish soap or something similar) this includes all doors, drawer front and the frame of the cupboards. Any surface that will be painted. Make sure any sticky reside is gone.

-Step 2: (Optional only if you are painting the walls in the same project) Wipe down walls that will be painted in the kitchen. Use the same soapy water.

-Step 3: Lightly sand all exterior cupboards, drawer fronts, and door fronts(any surface that will be painted) Use a fine sander. Does not need to be rough and do not try to get paint off, just lightly sand over surface. (leave everything in cupboards for this step, just keep them closed)

»NOTE: I have read other articles that use a liquid sandpaper/deglosser and I don’t particularly like it. Some do have harsh chemicals in them and I felt like it left a residue. I would use sandpaper any day. «

-Step 4: Label all doors to corresponding cupboard, i.e. 1 with 1 or A with A on door and inside cupboard. You can use sticky labels or masking tape to label. Also use a sharpie otherwise ink or marker may rub off.

-Step 5: Take off all doors and drawers and their hardware. Do this step either the day or night before painting will occur.


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