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Rustic/Glam Holiday Decorations

Rustic/Glam Holiday Decorations 1

Mix and Match items to get the look you want to achieve!

Yay! I have definitely caught the Christmas bug you guys! Vicki and I took a day last week just to do some much needed shopping. It was such a great day just to relax and shop for some things for our houses, gifts, and a little for our storefront. October was such a busy whirlwind that this ordinary shopping day became amazingly fun. Little Emme (my daughter) got dragged along to all the stores, but was such a good little babe! She couldn’t take her eyes off all the sparkly holiday items and people all around.

I had planned to get a few more Christmas decorations since I have a new house to decorate for and definitely don’t have enough items in storage to get the job done. On the agenda to look for was:

1.) Fabric to make pillow covers for my throw pillows on my new couch.

2.) New decor for tabletops, shelves, or wall.

3.) A tree skirt

4.) And some new holiday florals.

Well I got almost all of the pieces I was looking for and got really inspired at the same time. I just had to share the kind of look I am going for this year with all of you! I am loving mercury glass (in the form of candlesticks and trees) luxe faux fur, beads and sparkles to add the glam. And distressed boards, wooden trees, some plaid and/or ticking stripe give the rustic side! Mix and match them for a really fun look!

As you can see with all the products below, most are neutral with little pops of red. Neutral decor is my favorite, but adding the pop of color for the holidays is a must! Choose red, green or something unconventional like teal – any color would be beautiful. And of course, have fun with your decorating! There aren’t any rules, just turn on some music, light a holiday candle and enjoy it!

Click any of the pictures below for product information.

This post contains affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you if you click a link and purchase an item. It just helps us continue our passion for blogging. 

Rustic/Glam Holiday Decorations 30

Rustic/Glam Holiday Decorations 31

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