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Featuring a new Artisan: Katie’s Carvings

Featuring a new Artisan: Katie's Carvings 1

Hey friends and followers! We have a very special announcement this week that we feel deserved it’s own post! We are featuring Katie Olson of Katie’s Carvings. Not only is she a driven and talented young lady, but she is my sister! She has recently taken up the new hobby of carving and boy are they amazing! Here is just a small sampling of what she has been up to.

Featuring a new Artisan: Katie's Carvings 2

Katie remembers always being fascinated with whittling down wood sticks when she was a kid. When camping or at the cabin on the lake, she could frequently be found making a point on the end of a stick for marshmallows! Years later, when she was out on her own, not in school anymore she found herself in need of a fun hobby.

And so Katie’s Carvings was born! She of course did all kinds of research into wood carving including techniques, tools, and types of wood. Like any good artisan she practiced, has tried those different techniques and wood types to see what works best.

Featuring a new Artisan: Katie's Carvings 3


From spatulas, to spoons, to scoops she is busy creating one-of-a-kind wooden carvings when not at her day job. I myself have commissioned a little scoop to add to my coffee bar area! It’s made out of beautiful black walnut and will be used as a coffee scoop daily! I just love adding unique items to my home and having something hand carved is so neat. This is made even more special since the hand carving is done by my sister.

I never realized how many different tools and how many things you have to take into consideration when carving a small spoon. The type of wood and how hard it is, the way the wood curves, the grain and any knots that could show up when carving all matters! It truly is an art form and I commend Katie for running with it and becoming passionate about her carvings.

Featuring a new Artisan: Katie's Carvings 4

The sealant also matters, and Katie has been using two different food safe sealants for her carvings. The main difference between the two being one can be used with heat, and the other cannot. For something like a scoop, where you most likely will not have to use it with heat she uses Miss Mustard Seed’s hemp oil which she knew we retailed!

It has been so fun to see all of Katie’s wooden carvings go from a hunk of wood to a beautifully unique utensil. We sure love watching her from beginning until end.

Featuring a new Artisan: Katie's Carvings 5

You will be able to find all of Katie’s beautiful carvings at our Boutique in Houston, MN and in our Etsy shop online!


Featuring a new Artisan: Katie's Carvings 6

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