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How to use a Farmhouse Pedestal Riser

How to use a Farmhouse Pedestal Riser 1

What’s a farmhouse riser? Think of a beautiful wooden tray…now raise that tray up with the cutest little turned legs – and you get our pedestal riser! Trays and now our risers are, in our opinion, the perfect base and starting point to any vignette! They help to create those wonderful layers, and showcase decor in a very stylish way.

How to use a Farmhouse Pedestal Riser 2

They are the perfect addition to pretty much every room, and Vicki and I are slowly accumulating a collection of these in our own homes! We frequently use them when styling our homes or furniture for photo shoots! Whether used to highlight a product or decor they are literally the perfect little addition.

Give me a stained riser, some ironstone and beautiful greenery any day! They are some of my favorite things to decorate with! The small stained risers continue to be our most popular item in the store and most especially in our Etsy shop, with a lot of our customers buying multiple!

The small risers come in three unique sizes to accommodate most situations, however, we make two larger sizes as well for bigger areas like a buffet, dresser, or a table centerpiece. Where are these little cuties used though, you may ask? Well, anywhere! On the counter, on a shelf, a buffet, your coffee bar, a mantle, dresser, side table, next to your sink, on top of the cupboards, on a bookshelf, built in cabinets, in your hutch, the laundry room counter. See… anywhere!

They can be used to display your favorite figurine, your china or antique Ironstone, elevate a plant on a table, a vase of beautiful flowers, a pitcher. Use in the guest bathroom for extra soaps, elevate a picture frame or even a lamp! We have a customer who purchased two same sized risers that are used to elevate her desktop computers so she can store items below.

We also make custom sizes and have very recently created a long riser that is great to use like a table centerpiece runner, or to elevate something like a TV! At least that is what our customers who ordered them are using them for!

And here are a couple images that were shared by customers of ours! We are so happy they shared how they are styling their riser in their own home!

And here are what some of our customers are saying!

“I wanted to display two stained glass flowers on my coffee table. I was all ready to just set them on a stack of books until I found this perfect little stand with beautifully detailed feet. Now I have two equally lovely pieces to display in my family room!”

” Perfect size! It fits perfectly on my small table and really sets the decor apart. I love it! “

” Lovely riser! Craftsmanship spot on! Fits the little nook on my kitchen counter perfectly. “

“I LOVE these little risers! I’ve ordered three of them now and they’ve all arrived as expected. Quality is great and so are the shop owners, Kristen and Vicki. I’m using two in my kitchen and the other for our Coffee/tea bar. I’ve received many compliments on them already.”

“Vicki & Kristen are pros at their craft: wood riser is beautiful with great attention to detail; pedestal feet make the piece all the more special. Quick shipping and meticulous packing! Thank you. “

We are so excited that our little farmhouse style wooden risers have come so far in not even a year of creating our first one! We love seeing what they are being used for or what will be displayed on them! Just amazing! Thank you to all of our customers out there who have given these little beauties such rave reviews!

Find these risers and more in our Etsy Shop here!

How to use a Farmhouse Pedestal Riser 21

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