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Singin’ the Blues: End Table Makeover

Antique Drum Table

Very recently Vicki and I were able to acquire 3 similar looking drum tables that we both absolutely love. They are a fun end table to put in a living room or as a side table in the bedroom. They give a room a nice old vibe without getting too “chunky”, like I feel a lot of tables have become recently.

The one I recently painted was a bit smaller but it still gives you plenty of table space as well as having a cute little drawer for storage!

Drum Table: Before

The first thing I needed to do was put wood putty in a small gouge in the back. It doesn’t take long for wood putty to dry, and once it is done you can sand it down to make it smooth. I then sanded the table to make sure everything was smooth and to rough up the coating a bit so the paint will adhere better.

Drum Table: Before

Since we had 3 similar tables, but no two were identical, we decided we wanted to try a few different ways of restyling this kind of piece. I have been wanting to try a dark blue for a long time and thought this would be a perfect piece to sample! Its small but a nice blue would definitely make a statement! I painted the pedestal first and then went to the top.

Drum table: painting

Drum Table: painting

I ended up applying two coats to the pedestal and 3 to the top because I noticed I had missed a couple spots on the top on the 2nd round. Always make sure your paint is dry before re-coating!

Drum Table: Painted

After the paint was dry I then took Minwax Finishing Paste and covered the entire piece with 1 coat. With wax, it feels very tacky when you put it on so once it is dry you should buff it (using a cotton rag or old t-shirt) to make it smooth and to have a nice finish. I let the light wax sit for a bit and then I applied dark wax over the buffed light wax. It was a different brand and I think I let that dry too long before buffing because it was very difficult to buff out! I would suggest trying your waxing technique on a sample board before you begin, just to get a feel for how it works.

Drum Table

After the dark wax was buffed the piece was finished! Even though buffing the wax was harder on my arms than I originally thought, it was well worth the work! It gave the piece a slightly darker hue and stayed in the small cracks to give the piece a bit of an aged/antique look!

blue painted table

blue painted furniture

We just love this transformation, but are anxious to try a couple different ways to restyle a drum table as well, Please stay tuned for more ideas!

antique drum table


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