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Splish Splash: Time to decorate your Bath (room)

Splish Splash: Time to decorate your Bath (room) 1

Who likes moving?! Nobody that I know… I certainly don’t and I have done my fair share of switching apartments in the last few years! One good thing about moving, however, is it gives you a new space to inspire you for your decor! I do love finding different placements for items, as well as getting new pieces! (shhh… don’t tell my husband ;))

For my bathroom in our new duplex I knew I wanted to go with a light mint color, it would match our new towels from our wedding and would also look great as a laundry room color since our washer/dryer hookups are in the same room. Vicki and I painted and I hung our new crate towel storage on the wall.

Crate Towel Storage

(To learn more about these DIY crates click here)

I love how this looks in my bathroom and is great for storing our pretty new towels! For the top, I grabbed a glass container filled with corks, a blue Ball mason jar and a wine bottle I had previous spray painted teal. (All of the decor in the bathroom is either a shade of brown or aqua.)

We also have these cabinets that are above the washer and dryer which allow for good storage space as well as a great place to add some decor!

Above Cupboard Decor

The cream crate and washboard I got from an antique mall while on vacation (I adore antique malls!) I stenciled on the “No. 9” on the crate to give it a bit more fun, French provincial, detail.

Antique, distressed crate

Then added some gray hand towels inside.

The two middle pieces were items I already had.


The teal jar adds another pop of color to the room, and the twine and lace wrapped wine bottle I had previously made and used for my wedding!

As for the sink area, There isn’t much a renter can do about the design of the medicine cabinet and lights, but luckily there is great countertop, so I added some cute decor touches to help that area.

Countertop decor

The mason jar was also used as wedding decor and the frame was a gift and both fit perfectly with this color scheme! Add some cotton balls and/or Q-tips to the jars and Voila!

I love adding old with new, as well as creating my own items, and all pieces work perfect as decor in my new bathroom!

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