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Easy Bathroom Storage

Easy Bathroom Storage 1

If you are you like me, then you can’t live without Pinterest…(is that sad?) It just has so many great ideas! For our new apartment I knew I was going to need more storage in the bathroom than was available. I decided I wanted something more (and prettier) than those metal stands that go behind the toilet. So I went on Pinterest and found the idea to use crates on brackets to store your towels!

Wooden Crates

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I bought mine at Michael’s because I had a really good coupon to use. You can purchase these crates almost anywhere now, so if you’re going to purchase them always go to a store you can get online coupons at. Hobby Lobby or Michael’s almost always have 40% off one item.

I would highly recommend sanding the crates before staining. The inside of them are pretty rough and since I was going to be storing towels in them, I didn’t want my towel fabric to get roughed up or pulled by the wood.

Then grab your stain! I used Minwax Dark Walnut (click on the link to get your own!) stain on my crates and they took the stain really well. It turned out beautiful and dark and only needed one coat to get this shade.

 DIY Crates

After that, don’t forget to add your Polycrylic to seal the stain and protect the wood! Since I was going to use these in the bathroom, I put about 4 coats on. A minimum of 3 would probably be enough though.

DIY Crate Storage

Next, I needed some brackets so I could attach the crate to the wall. I did have a harder time finding brackets that I liked. I thought I could just go to Hobby Lobby and grab some but the only ones I found were cast iron and were too heavy. So instead I went to Home Depot and found some nice ones. If you are looking for fancier scrolls/curlicues I would suggest searching online. Then attach those to one side of the crate and you’re ready to hang them!

Crate Towel Storage

My wonderful husband helped me attach these to the wall (short people problems!) but one note: make sure you use anchors with your screws if you can’t find a stud where you want them. They would be too heavy to just put into the drywall.

And Enjoy!

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